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Accessible 401(k) Plans

Fidelity Investments has launched "e401k" — the first fully Web-based 401(k) plan. Online services include plan administration by the employer, step-by-step instructions for setting up a tax-deferred retirement account, details of the 25 mutual funds available under the plan and investment tips for creating a balanced portfolio. Employees also can directly manage their accounts around the clock online. The plan costs $750 to set up and has annual record-keeping and trustee fees of $1,750, plus $20 per plan participant. For more information, visit www.fidelitye401k.com.

Writer: Kimberly Stanséll is a Los Angeles-based businesswoman and author of "Bootstrapper’s Success Secrets: 151 Tactics for Building Your Business on a Shoestring Budget," (Career Press).

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