23 Mar, 2017
— The Maricopa plant undergoes a major expansion, including the addition of a 30,000-square-foot warehouse and a completely automated packaging line, which enables it produce 120 tons of finished product per ...


23 Mar, 2017
Ed Lowe receives U.S. Patent #233,158 for a scoop used to remove waste from sanitary cat boxes, one of the 32 patents he receives during his lifetime.


23 Mar, 2017
Time magazine writes an article about Ed Lowe’s corporate health incentive program, the I Can’t Afford to Lose You Club, which he established to motivate overweight executives to lose weight.


23 Mar, 2017
Ed purchases a clay plant in Olmsted, Ill. for $39,000 (minus eight years of back taxes) from the American Charcoal Co. in Detroit and renames the new company “Star Enterprises.”


23 Mar, 2017
After giving his neighbor some fuller’s earth to use in her cat box, Ed sees a brand new application for the fuller’s earth that he had been selling to : as ...


22 Mar, 2017
Chris Gibbons, the founder of the National Center for Economic Gardening, talks about innovation on the theoretical and practical side.


22 Mar, 2017
Lowe’s Inc. establishes its first in-house advertising and promotion department.


22 Mar, 2017
Lowe’s Inc. investigates the use of additives such as sassafras bark and oil, to control odor in Kitty Litter.


22 Mar, 2017
During its first year on the market, Kitty Litter participates in 30 cat shows across the country. At these shows, Ed Lowe provides free Kitty Litter in exchange for sales booths.


21 Mar, 2017
The New! Breakthrough Kitty Litter brand wins a three-year battle with the Clorox Co.’s Fresh Step to remain the nation’s leader in the cat-box-filler industry.