Get the most out of your executives

11 Dec, 2015
Second-stage entrepreneurs need to delegate, establish communications structures, and leverage other people’s expertise.

The right management team transforms chaos into calm

11 Dec, 2015
Experienced executives bring structure, motivate employees and influence customers, and help you scale.

Built to scale: why growth entrepreneurs need structure

11 Dec, 2015
It’s how second-stage leaders replicate themselves, build high-performing teams, expand market share, and hone their competitive edge.

Coliant Corp.

18 Nov, 2015
Temperament training was a key takeaway for John Swiatek, who participated in the Pure Michigan Business Connect Economic Gardening Network in early 2012.

Akervall Technologies

17 Nov, 2015
In its Economic Gardening engagement Akervall Technologies was able to determine specific geographic markets and market niches where it could strengthen its presence -- and how to beef up online marketing.

Direct Dimensions

16 Nov, 2015
One of Michael Raphael’s greatest takeaways from his Economic Gardening engagement was an extensive list of companies to use in customer prospecting.

West Tennessee Ornamental Door

15 Nov, 2015
One of Jim Hoffa’s biggest takeaways was discovering a new product line that could grow West Tennessee Ornamental Door’s annual revenue by more than 30 percent.

Homeco Insulation and R&J Insulation

13 Nov, 2015
Donna Gulden entered the Hennepin-Carver-Anoka-Ramsey-Scott (HCARS) Economic Gardening Program in late 2013. Among key deliverables, the NSRT provided research on potential new customers and markets.

Medford Roofing

11 Nov, 2015
Participating in the Memphis-Shelby County Economic Gardening Program helped Meghan Medford identify and leverage her company's competitive edge: energy efficient roofing.

Alpha Precision Aerospace

10 Nov, 2015
Based in Clinton Township, Michigan, Alpha Precision Aerospace Co. provides CNC machining services to customers in the commercial and defense aerospace industries.