What People are Saying

23 Mar, 2018
Kathie Fuce-Hobohm tells about her experience with the PeerSpectives Roundtable System.

Recruiting and Assembling

23 Mar, 2018
An important part of the process for running a successful CEO roundtable involves recruiting and assembling your members.

CEO Testimonial

23 Mar, 2018
Joy Kitamori and Dino Signore, both of the Edward Lowe Foundation, are joined in this webinar by Craig Reilly, CEO of PlusOne Solutions. Mr. Reilly has had several years of experience ...

Economic Gardening Testimonial

23 Mar, 2018
Hear how the Economic Gardening program is helping the Louisiana Economic Development Small Business Services Team show dramatic impact for their economy.

Beginner’s Guide to Economic Gardening

23 Mar, 2018
This webinar recording from July 26, 2016 covers the basics of Economic Gardening, a grow your own strategy for economic development. Presenting are Chris Gibbons, the founder of the National Center ...

How to take the ‘con’ out of ‘conflict’

23 Mar, 2018
Conflict comes in many forms, and smart leaders know how to harness all of them to drive growth.

Don’t fall down as you staff up

23 Mar, 2018
As you hire more people you may no longer feel as connected to your employees as you once did. Two skills can solve that problem.

Why kicking it old-school could kill your business

23 Mar, 2018
The management skills that got your business off the ground may now be holding it back. Here’s how to adapt as you grow.

How to protect your market turf

23 Mar, 2018
The more the merrier might apply to Facebook friends, but not industry competitors.

The right management team transforms chaos into calm

21 Mar, 2018
Experienced executives bring structure, motivate employees and influence customers, and help you scale.