Mom always liked you best: Why second-stage entrepreneurs need your love

9 Sep, 2016
“You like Trevor better than me!” lamented my neighbor’s daughter as she compared her mother’s love for her and her brother. I can tell you for a fact this is not ...

One size does not fit all: The difference between serving startups and scaleups

9 Sep, 2016
It’s amazing where we learn lessons – my latest was in a Traverse City, Michigan, boutique where I learned the meaning of OS – one size fits all. I looked at ...

Finance NM: Economic gardening cultivates growing business

5 Aug, 2016
The Las Cruces Sun-News looks at how the New Mexico Economic Gardening Program helped RIEtech Global. Read more…

Economic Gardening pilot program focuses on growth of businesses

5 Aug, 2016
Paul Bateson, a team leader for the National Center for Economic Gardening’s National Strategic Research Team (NSRT), is the keynote speaker at the launch of a new regional Economic Gardening program ...

Economic Gardening Is growing, but what is it?

5 Aug, 2016
Governing magazine looks at Maryland’s statewide Economic Gardening program. Read more…

DED Unveils New Programs for Second-Stage Entrepreneurs

5 Aug, 2016
The Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED) is now accepting referrals from Entrepreneur Support Organizations (ESOs) for two new programs kicking off 2014–an Economic Gardening program launched in conjunction with the ...

For good measure: A+ Corporation

15 Feb, 2016
A designer and manufacturer of analytical sampling systems, A+ Corporation LLC in Gonzales, Louisiana, has a long track record of innovation with 29 current patents and another 10 pending.

3 steps to focus your moonshot thinking

11 Dec, 2015
No one disputes the need for an effective elevator speech, but nailing down your vision may seem too touchy-feely to spend time on. Big mistake.

How to develop a killer core competency

11 Dec, 2015
A core competency doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s well worth the time and effort.

How to protect your market turf

11 Dec, 2015
The more the merrier might apply to Facebook friends, but not industry competitors.