How to take the ‘con’ out of ‘conflict’

11 Dec, 2015
Conflict comes in many forms, and smart leaders know how to harness all of them to drive growth.

Don’t fall down as you staff up

11 Dec, 2015
As you hire more people you may no longer feel as connected to your employees as you once did. Two skills can solve that problem.

Envy. Discord. Secrecy. Turns out silos hold more than corn

11 Dec, 2015
As your company grows, people will inevitably specialize. That doesn’t mean they have to compete with or ignore each other.

Why kicking it old-school could kill your business

11 Dec, 2015
The management skills that got your business off the ground may now be holding it back. Here’s how to adapt as you grow.

Fear factor: change can be scary (leaders take note)

11 Dec, 2015
Employees react negatively to change for some very good reasons, but you can help them keep calm and carry on.

Change reaction: what leaders need to know

11 Dec, 2015
As you take your company to the next stage, change management becomes a major challenge. Here’s how to help your employees keep up (or move on).

Get the most out of your executives

11 Dec, 2015
Second-stage entrepreneurs need to delegate, establish communications structures, and leverage other people’s expertise.

The right management team transforms chaos into calm

11 Dec, 2015
Experienced executives bring structure, motivate employees and influence customers, and help you scale.

Built to scale: why growth entrepreneurs need structure

11 Dec, 2015
It’s how second-stage leaders replicate themselves, build high-performing teams, expand market share, and hone their competitive edge.

Coliant Corp.

18 Nov, 2015
Temperament training was a key takeaway for John Swiatek, who participated in the Pure Michigan Business Connect Economic Gardening Network in early 2012.