Garden of Flavor

14 Aug, 2018
As a result of her Economic Gardening engagement, CEO Lisa Reed expects to double Garden of Flavor’s revenue to $6.5 million in 2018, up from $3.2 million in 2017...

The art of facilitation: How to navigate your group’s interpsychic storms

31 Jul, 2018
When you're leading a group, a lot of things can get in the way, ranging from unenthusiastic participants to unclear objectives. The greatest challenges, however, stem from what I call the ...

Prairie restoration at Big Rock Valley

26 Jul, 2018
When it comes to habitat loss, most of us are familiar with deforestation, especially the loss of tropical rainforests. Yet another disappearing habitat — one that gets less press — is ...

Bionetics DES Group

27 Jun, 2018
Economic Gardening helped the Bionetics Defense Engineering Services Group (formerly Atlantic Inertial Systems Inc.) become more strategic about marketing to existing customers...

A stronger approach to Michigan’s economic growth

26 Jun, 2018
When it comes to Hollywood, movie sequels often fall flat when compared to their earlier versions. Not so for a new white paper from the Small Business Association of Michigan...

Knowing when to leave: the fine art of hitting the road

20 Jun, 2018
June 29th will be my last day at the Edward Lowe Foundation. This marks the end of a three-year succession plan...

McCormick Stevenson Corp.

30 May, 2018
“I liked that Economic Gardening was an occasional interaction in a disciplined way, rather than something that took all of my time,” says Noel McCormick.

Southern Designs

14 May, 2018
Economic Gardening is no cookie-cutter program, says Tance Hughes, CEO of Southern Designs. "The researchers work with you, creating a custom plan to help achieve growth objectives.”

Learning to compete: the nonprofit’s answer to living in a world of silos

8 May, 2018
The number of ESOs is growing exponentially. On the surface this sounds wonderful. But when the space becomes overcrowded, things get messy...

No one-night wonder: MCSB goes 365

4 May, 2018
The new MCSB will help second-stagers scale larger and become even more successful — not only regionally but also at the national and global level...