Don’t Buy What You Already Own

22 Jul, 2015
If you’re considering an acquisition to help grow your company, look for deals that offer complementary expertise, advises John M. Cook, CEO of The Profit Recovery Group, an Atlanta-based company that ...

Advertisers Tune In to Net Radio

21 Jul, 2015
If you use radio in your marketing, try maximizing your impact with the Internet to reach "Streamies" — online "Net radio" listeners who are highly responsive to "dot-com" advertisements and buy ...

A Thirst For Knowledge

21 Jul, 2015
Knowledge is power, and smart marketers are delivering a lesson with their wares. Travel has taken on an educational accent that we like to call "gray matter."

Accessible 401(k) Plans

21 Jul, 2015
Small businesses in America often don’t offer workers 401(k) plans because they are too complex and costly to administer.

Academia May Be Answer to Cash Woes

21 Jul, 2015
Brothers Scott and Doug Dunlop were committed to doing their part to save the environment by developing a non-petroleum-based fuel that would release up to 40% less hydrocarbon emissions than traditional ...

A New Diagnosis for Health-care Marketing

21 Jul, 2015
Electronic health care presents new opportunities — and challenges. These product launching tips aren't just for medical products.

A Gift of Independence

21 Jul, 2015
Bart Butler honors his brother's memory by helping others.

A Lean, Mean Marketing Machine

21 Jul, 2015
Bootstrap marketing swaps money for brains.

Green, clean dynasty: Jelmar LLC

17 Jul, 2015
A manufacturer of cleaning products, Jelmar LLC was one of six U.S. formulators-manufacturers to win the 2015 Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Choice Partner of the Year award in June.

An Accidental Blockbuster

30 Jun, 2015
300 U.S. franchises generate $233 million in annual revenues for Unishippers; Steve Nelson aims for international expansion.