The optimistic organization: Leadership lessons from neuroscience

9 Jan, 2018
Optimism is no soft skill as the human brain is wired to be negative. Yet people can use their minds to restructure their brains — and reap the benefits of ...

Green Electrical Supply

9 Jan, 2018
“Economic Gardening is a phenomenal resource,” says Richard Osterhout. “The research will have a significant impact on our company not only today, but also in the future.”

Move over buffalos, there’s a new kid in town

1 Nov, 2017
Supporting and growing a community’s existing business base may not sound as powerful as hunting buffalo, but it results in real, not promised, jobs.

GLLA road trip: Seeing exceptional leadership in action

23 Oct, 2017
As a member of GLLA’s governing board, I recently had the opportunity to join participants on a 10-day bus trip through the Southeast...

Bite Me! Inc.

18 Oct, 2017
“This is unlike any other business assistance I’ve received before,” says Deborah Tuggle. “With Economic Gardening, you get results.”

No bad bosses: the art of managing your manager

28 Sep, 2017
Many people deal with managers who are unsympathetic, micromanaging and worse. Yet when it comes to influencing relationships with bosses, I believe employees have more control than they might think...

Why playing it safe can be risky business

11 Sep, 2017
We prune plants and trees because it encourages new growth. Similarly, your business is an organic system where all participants need a little pressure — even your top performers.

Why can’t we all just NOT get along?

29 Aug, 2017
From my experience, one of the most challenging parts of building an entrepreneurial community is dealing with people who dislike change, block progress, and fear anything new...

Get a mentor, be a mentor

21 Aug, 2017
Internships are important, because they provide real-world experience, but having a mentor is like getting experience on steroids...

Once upon a time: How compelling stories communicate success

3 Aug, 2017
Telling compelling stories is an art anyone can learn. And it's the single most powerful way to communicate success and rally the troops...