How to Create a Budget

20 Aug, 2011
Preparing a budget is a necessary evil for the success of any business. Learn how to create different kinds of budgets for all your company's needs in this Quick-Read.

Basic Economic Lessons that Growth Entrepreneurs Should Heed

20 Aug, 2011
Some companies seem to succeed in the short term without following the fundamental laws of economics. But for your business to survive and grow, you have to understand — and apply ...

Get to Know Your Customers with a Customer Profile

20 Aug, 2011
You can't sell your products and services if you don't know who your customers are. Interviewing and data mining can help you create customer profiles, target your marketing and increase sales.

Developing a Mission Statement

20 Aug, 2011
A well-constructed mission statement guides your company: focusing each employee's work, defining your customer image and steering you through tough choices. We'll show you how to create a compelling, effective mission ...

Gathering Market Research

20 Aug, 2011
Looking for an edge against the competition? Market research can help you anticipate customer needs, reduce risk when introducing new products and keep an eye on your competition.

Banks Say They Are Lending! Where’s the Money?

20 Aug, 2011
Much has happened in the commercial credit markets as a result of the Great Recession, but it comes as no surprise given the conditions that existed before the credit crunch.

Goal Setters Go Farther

20 Aug, 2011
Digital Library > Building and Inspiring an Organization > Planning, general “Goal Setters Go Farther” Jotting down some goals can help you face the millennium more confidently. Studies show that only ...

No. 1 CFO Concern: Understand Customer Needs

17 Aug, 2011
Digital Library > Building and Inspiring an Organization > Planning, general “No. 1 CFO Concern: Understand Customer Needs” "Spending more time understanding customer needs" was ranked as the No. 1 issue ...

Wild About Visionary Leadership

9 Mar, 2011
Digital Library > Human Resources Management > Hiring the executive team “Wild About Visionary Leadership” Emily Voth’s company, Indigo Wild, Kansas City, Mo., manufactures all-natural soaps, soy-wax candles, body oils and ...

Can Founder Really Have It All After the Sale?

9 Mar, 2011
The decision to sell your fast-growing company is a difficult one. Ask Bill Lederer, founder and CEO of in Lake Forest, Ill., which provides art and framing services on ...