The unexpected success: How narrowly focusing on specific goals could harm your community

16 Jan, 2018
During my trip to Tuscany I looked forward to seeing beautiful gardens and window boxes. But the sight of flowers growing straight out of a brick wall was unexpected...

Move over buffalos, there’s a new kid in town

1 Nov, 2017
Supporting and growing a community’s existing business base may not sound as powerful as hunting buffalo, but it results in real, not promised, jobs.

Why can’t we all just NOT get along?

29 Aug, 2017
From my experience, one of the most challenging parts of building an entrepreneurial community is dealing with people who dislike change, block progress, and fear anything new...

Once upon a time: How compelling stories communicate success

3 Aug, 2017
Telling compelling stories is an art anyone can learn. And it's the single most powerful way to communicate success and rally the troops...

The perils of counting: Is the pressure to measure hurting our ecosystems?

23 Jun, 2017
If we always feel so pressured to measure, I fear there’s a risk we will focus primarily on the aspects of our ecosystem that can be easily counted...

The importance of community celebrations

31 May, 2017
There are times when communities need just the good parts — those times when we celebrate the joy of what we are and the hope of what we will become...

Things that go bump in the night

2 Mar, 2017
New ideas are often viewed as scary. They challenge the status quo, make people nervous, cause us to dig our heels in, and have the power...

Lattes and manufacturing: Understanding local and external market companies

9 Feb, 2017
I have a new favorite place in Grand Rapids — Early Bird Café. They are part of the Grand Rapids local movement and I love supporting local. Down the road about ...

Happiness inside the box: The role quiet time plays in your success

26 Jan, 2017
On most days, Munson spends a great deal of time looking out the window. He pays attention to squirrels and chipmunks, and one day I swear he stared at a leaf ...

Push the easy button: Measuring your ecosystem may be simpler than you think

12 Jan, 2017