Increase Your Advertising Response by 10 Times!

30 May, 2002
Oftentimes copy in advertising does not attract attention or motivate the reader to action. This article offers some proven advice to increase your response rates for print advertising mediums. Includes strategies ...

Sales Increase Analysis Test

30 May, 2002
This is an extensive checklist to diagnose your staffing, orientation, training, and communications problems among your sales, marketing, and advertising personnel.

Factoring: Funding Secret of the Giants

30 May, 2002
Factoring is the sale of accounts receivables to financing sources. This means that your longer-term receivables can be made available to you in a much shorter time period. This article explains ...

Increase Your Market Share With Promotional Products

30 May, 2002
As small business owners, we are always looking for creative ways to grow our companies. Primarily, ones which our pocketbooks can afford. How much do you presently spend on conventional advertising? ...

Getting Control of Your Cash

30 May, 2002
Most brokerage firms offer central asset accounts (also called asset management accounts) — combining checking, investing, and borrowing in a single account. The advantages of such accounts are described in relation ...

So You Want to Go Public?

30 May, 2002
This seven-step outline of the process of Initial Public Offerings is based on the book Going Public, by Frederick D. Lipman. It is accompanied by commentary from three CEOs who have ...

Squeeze the Most from Every Dollar

28 May, 2002
To spend wisely, think creatively, tap free or low-cost alternatives and tighten your fiscal discipline. It's a skill that CEOs ignore at their own peril.

How to Stay on the Right Side of Nondiscrimination Laws

14 Jan, 2002
Avoid discrimination in your company by taking a proactive stance. Following a few simple guidelines will help you to create and promote a workplace that encourages diversity and steers clear of ...

How to Create a Customer Survey

14 Jan, 2002
How satisfied are your customers? Use these tips on question phrasing and layout to maximize the response rate and the value of the results when you prepare and apply a written ...

How to Use Employment Contracts

14 Jan, 2002
In such a litigious society, all business owners need to understand the necessity for employment contracts (such as confidentiality agreements), at-will termination agreements and noncompete agreements. Should you use them? What's ...