Interactive Kiosks Keep You in Touch 24 X 7

20 Aug, 2011
Digital Library > Defining and Serving a Market > Electronic commerce “Interactive Kiosks Keep You in Touch 24 X 7” Interactive kiosks — such as bank ATMs or interactive point-of-sale displays ...

Toot Your Own Horn

9 Mar, 2011
How and why to generate a public-relations campaign.

Balancing Cash Flow and Bigger Clients

9 Mar, 2011
Digital Library > Defining and Serving a Market > Market strategy “Balancing Cash Flow and Bigger Clients” Paul Baker and Todd Reifenrath started Chicago-based in February 1999 to lasso the ...

Cracking the Code

11 Oct, 2006
Refresher: Tap free market research through NAICS and SIC codes.

Standing Out From The Competition: Service-Business Marketing

24 Jul, 2006
What should a company that deals in services do to get and retain clients?

How Have You Financed Growth?

10 Mar, 2003
CEOs reveal what worked and why.

How Do You Hire for Scalability?

27 Sep, 2002
CEOs share their trials, tribulations and success stories.

Raising Capital in a Direct Public Offering

26 Jun, 2002
Big corporations can raise capital through IPOs, but what options do smaller businesses have? This Quick-Read explains the ins and outs of direct public offerings.

Focus Groups

25 Jun, 2002
What do your customers really want? Focus groups can help you find out. Learn how to use focus groups, and more important, how to analyze the results to keep your customers ...

Seeking Investors — What Venture Capitalists Want

11 Jun, 2002
More and more VCs are investing in emerging-growth businesses. Find out how to get some of that cash.