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Don’t Let Flooding Be Your Waterloo

“Don’t Let Flooding Be Your Waterloo” Flooding is the sixth most costly cause of commercial property damage, reports FM Global, an insurance organization specializing in property loss prevention and control. On average, a business could face a gross loss of nearly $1 million as the result of flooding. And no area is completely safe.FM Global offers five tips to stay dry:

  1. Investigate ways that a flood could interrupt your operations and buildings, such as fire protection systems, utilities, communications, access, and shipping and receiving. Engage a qualified engineer or consultant to determine potential risk.
  2. Recognize signs of deterioration or other changes around your property that could impact the likelihood of flooding.
  3. Stock flood barriers and portable lighting. Other handy items: sandbags, shovels, mops, squeegees, pails, radios, portable phones, heaters, generators, power cables and large plastic sheets for covering equipment and stock.
  4. Safeguard fire-protection equipment to minimize the effects of a fire.
  5. Create an emergency plan and train staff annually to ensure their readiness. For more info, visit www.fmglobal.com.

Writer: Tom Truman

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