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Extreme Measures — Managing With Style

Digital Library > Building and Inspiring an Organization > Negotiation “Extreme Measures — Managing With Style”

Hecky Powell, owner of Hecky’s Barbeque, Evanston, Ill., repeatedly asked the young men working the take-out counter to pull up their pants — to no avail. Saggy pants and exposed boxers continued to appear, and Powell didn’t believe the fashion statement conveyed the right message to customers.

Then Powell relented — sort of. The men could wear their pants slung low, but only with boxers emblazoned with Hecky’s bright yellow logo. The strategy worked.

"If they forgot those boxers, they had to pull their pants up," Powell explains. "More and more now, they’re just wearing their pants up. I think it’s going out of fashion. Or maybe I had an influence."

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