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Seeking Investors — What Venture Capitalists Want

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More and more VCs are investing in emerging-growth businesses. Find out how to get some of that cash.


Because venture capital fueled much of the technology bubble that burst in April 2000, it’s no surprise that venture capitalists have become cautious.

VCs have always been in a risky business, in which the general rule of thumb is that two out of every 10 investments should pay off handsomely. Many VC companies threw caution to the winds in the period leading up to April 2000. But these days firms that put capital into entrepreneurial ventures are far more interested in a solid management team and a record of sustainable profits than an innovative idea. This trend is good news for companies in a growth or expansion mode.

In this Quick Read you will find:

  • The importance of a business plan and what it should tell the venture capitalist.
  • The relationship a VC firm will want to set up with your company.

Venture capital firms typically seek very fast-growing companies that need millions of dollars to support very rapid expansion. If you’re looking for anything less, see the Quick-Read Solution "

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