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Recognized nationwide as an expert on peer learning, we understand the value of interacting with and learning from colleagues who often face similar leadership and business problems. That’s why we developed and license the PeerSpectives Roundtable System, an innovative peer-to-peer learning tool using a proven format that focuses on sharing experiences instead of giving advice.

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    If you work with busy entrepreneurs and are looking to offer a new high-value/low-cost service, the PeerSpectives Roundtable System (PRS) may be your answer.

    Facilitators who use the PeerSpectives protocol rely a method that ensures a balanced discussion not dominated by any one issue or individual. Roundtable members appreciate the quality and timeliness of topics by focusing on the sharing of experiences rather than giving advice. While the procedures may sound strict at first, they are proven to help the group retain its focus and to help participants get to the core of their issue.

    The PRS protocol was originally designed with the leader of second-stage companies in mind. Over the years, the process has been used for heads of non-profit organizations and other professionals. These leaders, regardless of their position or business focus, often encounter decisions they have never faced before. Anyone in a position of leadership who possesses final decision-making authority can benefit.

    PRS is a great complement to Economic Gardening programs (EG) by giving clients continued attention beyond the initial engagement. Don’t have a local EG program in your area? No problem! PRS has proven its worth as a stand-alone program, too.

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  • Why It’s Important

    From the participant’s point of view, there are many CEO roundtables out there. However, leaders of second-stage companies fully embrace the PeerSpectives Roundtable System (PRS) for giving them focused attention on their greatest challenges in a time-efficient manner.

    Business owners who participate on PeerSpectives roundtables find tremendous value when hearing from their peers and learning from their experiences. When they walk away from a session, they do so with a sense of clarity, knowing they have what it takes to make the best decision for their most pressing issue.

    PeerSpectives follows a protocol that initiates discussions and prompts actionable solutions. The system continues to amaze roundtable organizers as they watch one person after another find “aha” moments using this process.

    If you are a CEO, president or business owner, find a PeerSpectives roundtables near you. To learn how to offer a PeerSpectives roundtable for your clients, contact us.

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    About PeerSpectives

    Find out who should run PeerSpectives roundtables and who can benefit from participating on one. Also, learn more about the PeerSpectives format for less-experienced business owners. Go to About PeerSpectives.

    The PeerSpectives License

    PeerSpectives licenses are granted to organizations and individuals who wish to operate tables. Find out more.

    Training for the PeerSpectives Facilitator

    Facilitators are required to attend training, and license administrators are encouraged to attend as well. Learn what training awaits you.

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One of the things I like best about is the ability to do comparison research. Its data is so well organized and accessible that you can compare your community with others in a matter of minutes — research that would take hours or days if you're using other sources.
Nicholas Brake, president and CEO of the Greater Owensboro Economic Development Council in Owensboro, Ky.

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