Peer Groups

As one of the primary audiences for our programming, the peer groups we work with are typically associated with a larger membership organization. We speak the language of entrepreneurship and have probably learned as much as we have taught to the thousands of CEOs we have come in contact with. We continue to learn and pass on our key takeaways to keep your organization growing and prospering.

Peer groups are for business professionals and we further define our interests as those that are in the second stage.

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Q: What can you do right now to empower your company?
A: Connect with your peers and network with a local group!

Getting together regularly with a group of CEOs is one of the most important things you can do as a second-stage business owner to increase your success. CEO peer groups are meeting across the country, but they can be hard to find.

If you know of an organization that should be added to this list, please suggest it for consideration. Some groups may not be affiliated with the Edward Lowe Foundation, and we encourage you to follow up directly with them.