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Work-Related Hearing Loss Costs $2 Billion

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Say what? If your workplace is louder than a lawnmower, listen up. Exposure to 80-decibel levels for eight hours a day is a risk, says the Campaign for Hearing Health. That’s about as loud as a lawnmower, which measures 90 decibels.

Thirty million U.S. workers are exposed to unhealthy noise levels, and another 9 million are at hearing risk from chemical exposure.

A third of all hearing loss is work-related, which costs about $2 billion a year.

Protect yourself and your employees. To set up hearing tests near you, call (800) 829-5934, or visit the Campaign Web site at www.hearinghealth.net.

Sound advice: To ward off potential problems, purchase a decibel meter, available at most electronics stores, and determine exactly how loud your business environment is.

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