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60 Second Leader Retreat

60 Second Leader Retreat

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Why a Leader Retreat?
Do you have what it takes to lead your company and your team to the next level?
The answer to this question depends on the quality of your leadership: What kind of leader are you? What does your team think about your leadership skills? Are you really taking your company where it needs to go? Do you feel like your team is just along for the ride, or are they empowered to help you take the business to the next level?
The leader retreat helps you answer the vital questions you face as the owner, CEO or president of a growing second-stage company. Beautiful, away-from-the-day-to-day Big Rock Valley provides just the right setting for you to examine — reflectively and with input from your peers — your true level of leadership. How does your leadership style affect you, your people and your company? How do you identify and build on strengths that will help you lead your company with greater insight and inspiration? Leader retreats at Big Rock Valley can lead you to the answers.
The Retreat Experience
Based on the foundation’s core belief in the value of peer-to-peer learning, the leader retreat program is conducted at Big Rock Valley, a property of 2,600 acres of forests, lakes, ponds and streams in southwestern Michigan. Nature provides an incredible backdrop for retreats, as educational components are combined with reflective hikes and other experiences in the outdoors.
The experience itself emphasizes “next-level thinking” in a supportive environment, away from day-to-day operations and management issues. You’re given the opportunity to see your organization in new ways and experience what it means to “think differently” about your organization. Your retreat experience will be custom designed for your group and professionally facilitated. It includes large-group exercises, small-group discussion sessions and personal reflective time.
The typical retreat covers a three-day/two-night time frame. The program themes are offered as stand-alone programs and do not need to occur sequentially in order to maximize the experience. Our unique accommodations enhance this experience with guests staying in renovated farmhouses dating back to the 1800s, as well as five retired boxcars converted to comfortable sleeping units equipped with all of the modern conveniences of a hotel.
The foundation’s conference complex, known as Billieville, is styled after a vintage Old West Town. The center contains a dining hall, high-tech conference facility, and various other unique spaces for breakouts and small group functions. Retreat participants enjoy evening conversations around a large campfire centered among the boxcar accommodations.