About PeerSpectives®

Participants credit these roundtables for enhancing their research engagement; by hearing how other roundtable members planned to use research deliverables, they glean ideas for their own businesses.

“What began as a skeptical experience has turned into an environment that’s very trusting and endearing for me. I can present problems to the group and not feel vulnerable. They’re not going to judge me, but instead give me valuable feedback.”

— Harold Boyett, CEO of Blue Streak Couriers in Jacksonville, Florida

the PeerSpectives® protocol

The PeerSpectives Roundtable System (PRS) gives business associations and professionals who cater to entrepreneurs a new service offering.

Running a PeerSpectives?

Any individual or organization that works directly with entrepreneurs can run PeerSpectives roundtables, including economic development offices, chambers of commerce, small business development centers and private practice consultants.

Crafted Design

PeerSpectives roundtables were originally designed for CEOs, presidents and owners of second-stage companies. Over the years, we’ve found the system works for any professional in a position of leadership and who possesses final decision-making.

Dynamic Content

The topics are as varied as the members. Typical issues involve business associates, family members and employees.

The PRESS model

To suit the needs of small business owners, PeerSpectives Roundtables for the Emerging Second Stager (PRESS) combines valuable interaction with a business expert and the benefits of a peer-to-peer roundtable.


Company culture
Personnel decisions
Direction of the organization
Product development
Succession planning