CEO Roundtables: the PeerSpectives® protocol

The PeerSpectives Roundtable System (PRS) gives business associations and professionals who cater to entrepreneurs a new service offering.

PeerSpectives sets itself apart from other CEO roundtables with its methodology. Procedures are in place to help the group focus on identifying and processing an entrepreneur’s core issue. The protocol ensures a balanced discussion that is not dominated by any one topic or individual. Perhaps even more important, the PeerSpectives system emphasizes the sharing of experiences rather than advice giving.

For the head of a company, it’s not always appropriate to take issues to family members, boards or even a business adviser. Being part of a PeerSpectives roundtable gives the overburdened entrepreneur an outlet to rely on supportive peers, who are either “living it” or already “been there, done that.”

Organizations and individual service providers alike may host PeerSpectives tables. Contact us to learn if this program is right for you.

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Who should run PeerSpectives roundtables?

Any individual or organization that works directly with entrepreneurs can run PeerSpectives roundtables, including economic development offices, chambers of commerce, small business development centers and private practice consultants. If you already run a System for Integrated Growth program, PeerSpectives can keep your participants on a productive track beyond their initial engagement.

Who should run PeerSpectives roundtables?

PeerSpectives roundtables were originally designed for CEOs, presidents and owners of second-stage companies. Over the years, we’ve found the system works for any professional in a position of leadership and who possesses final decision-making authority, such as leaders of nonprofit organizations, department heads of municipalities and business owners of first-stage companies. In short, it benefits any leader who encounters decisions they have never faced before.

What topics are discussed in a typical roundtable?

The topics are as varied as the members. Typical issues involve business associates, family members and employees, and revolve around:

  • Company culture
  • Personnel decisions
  • Customers
  • Direction of the organization
  • Marketing
  • Product development
  • Succession planning
  • Finances
The PRESS model: Roundtables for owners of smaller companies

To suit the needs of small business owners, PeerSpectives Roundtables for the Emerging Second Stager (PRESS) combines valuable interaction with a business expert and the benefits of a peer-to-peer roundtable.

It uses the same PeerSpectives protocol for second-stage roundtables. This is ideal for owners of high-potential first-stage companies on the cusp of becoming a second-stage company.

Ideal participants are owners of first-stage companies with three to nine employees and $500,000 or more in annual revenue. The leader may not have led a company to this point before and does not have a wealth of experience to draw from.

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What people are saying ...

“Talking with other second-stage business owners can really help you get over some hard spots. It’s not about giving advice, but sharing experiences and asking key questions that can help you see an issue from a different perspective.”

— Mike Busley, a 2008 CTW honoree and president of Grand Traverse Pie Co.