Companies to Watch Retreat

28 Jun, 2018
The Companies to Watch retreat is currently offered to those companies who have won the coveted award. This is an excellent way to see how the foundation can add tremendous value ...

Leadership of Me

11 May, 2018
The initial program in our retreat series, Leadership of Me focuses on the evolving role of entrepreneurial leaders and the unique challenges that they encounter in second stage. Participants go through ...

Leadership of My People

8 May, 2018
The third program in our leader retreat series, Leadership of My People dives deeper into the challenges of your company’s social system. This isn’t about team building — at least, not ...

Managing woodlands for biodiversity

27 Apr, 2018
Dan Wyant discusses the way woodlands are managed at the Edward Lowe Foundation's campus in Southwest Michigan. Instead of keeping only high monetary value trees, the foundation chooses to manage for ...

Focus your BHAG

16 Apr, 2018
No one disputes the need for an effective elevator speech, but nailing down your vision may seem too touchy-feely to spend time on. Big mistake.

How to develop a killer core competency

23 Mar, 2018
A core competency doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s well worth the time and effort.

Applied Energy Solutions

12 Nov, 2015
Applied Energy Solutions, entered an Economic Gardening program hosted by the Greater Rochester Enterprise in August 2012, wanting to improve the company’s brand strategy and recognition.

Clockwork Active Media

16 Jul, 2015
Lyons entered the Hennepin-Anoka-Carver-Ramsey-Scott (HCARS) Economic Gardening Program in 2014 looking for information to help Clockwork expand into new geographic markets.

DNA Software

15 Jul, 2015
DNA Software is an Ann Arbor-based software firm that helps university, biotech and pharmaceutical researchers build diagnostic tests for life-sciences projects.

Hed Cycling: Getting out of the comfort zone

13 Jul, 2015
A pioneer of solid disc bicycle wheels, Hed Cycling designs and manufactures high-end cycling equipment. Launched in 1985, the Shoreview, Minn.-based company today has about 45 employees and generates more than ...