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Leadership of Me

The initial program in our retreat series, Leadership of Me focuses on the evolving role of entrepreneurial leaders and the unique challenges that they encounter in second stage. Participants go through a rigorous exploration of their personal strengths, business values and perspective on control. You’ll leave with a better understanding of your role as a second-stage leader, what you bring to the organization and how to leverage your strengths to enhance profitability.

Leadership of My People

The third program in our leader retreat series, Leadership of My People dives deeper into the challenges of your company’s social system. This isn’t about team building — at least, not from a bonding perspective. Rather, it examines the fundamental DNA required for an effective team. Leaders gain a better understanding of group processes and how to build scalable social systems that increase employee engagement and performance.

I train more than

I train more than 400 economic development professionals each year in entrepreneurship support strategies from all parts of the country.  I use YE to customize these presentations to specific states, counties and regions, showcasing the rise or drop in numbers of businesses by Stage, the growth or decline of specific industries — and to compare and contrast different regions.  YourEconomy.org…

Having data available

Having data available by ZIP codes is key. Although elected officials are interested in what’s going on at the regional level, they’re primarily concerned with what’s happening in their communities, within their city limits. YE+ enables one to perform very localized analyses.

Andex Industries

Based in Escanaba, Mich., Andex Industries manufactures a wide range of display card packaging solutions such as blister cards, clamshells and thermoform trays. It traces its roots back to 1960 and today generates more than $12 million in annual revenue with about 85 employees.