Not all entrepreneurs are alike: the 4 phases of second stage

12 May, 2017
Growth entrepreneurs need different types of assistance at different times, and within second stage there are four different phases.

Management 101: Blocking and tackling

12 May, 2017
Managing and leading are different skill set, but there’s definitely overlap, and leaders must also take time to hone their management muscle.

Wetlands: the Rodney Dangerfield of water resources

12 May, 2017
Wetlands deserve our respect. These unique habitats, which include marshes, swamps, bogs and fens (basically any land covered by water or with saturated soil), play a critical environmental role.

3 key leadership lessons

12 May, 2017
There’s a fundamental difference between managing and leading. Managing is about organizing and directing whereas leading is about having a vision and being able to motivate people to take action.

60 Second Leader Retreat

19 Apr, 2017
Do you have what it takes to lead your company and your team to the next level? The answer to this question depends on the quality of your leadership: What kind of ...

Slip Model

17 Apr, 2017
Companies consistently lose traction in four key areas as they enter into second stage. The SLIP model consists of strategic drift, limited model, inadequate management and poor financial competency. Dino Signore, ...

Locus of control

17 Apr, 2017
This learning module covers the impact of personality in the workplace. Depending on your locus of control you may see very differently than someone else experiencing the same things.

Activating your team for change

17 Apr, 2017
This learning module covers activating your team for change. With a better understanding of how people react to a changing environment the leader can manage more effectively. Introduction Why people resist ...

A beginner’s guide to Economic Gardening

17 Apr, 2017
This beginner’s guide is a recording of a webinar that describes the program, how it is different from other forms of economic development and how to take the next steps if ...

Economic Gardening Testimonial

17 Apr, 2017
Economic Gardening testimonial from the program administrator of the Louisiana Economic Development engagement, Chris Cassagne.