Coping with fickle followers

21 Mar, 2022
Leadership is an art form that many dabble in, but few master. One of the things that makes it so challenging is what Robert Greene calls “the law of fickleness.”

Reconnecting: The power of in person

7 Mar, 2022
Connection with others has always been a priority for me...and as COVID guidelines relax, one of the things I plan to do is to get on a plane and make up ...

Reducing defensiveness: 5 strategies for influencing behavior

29 Nov, 2021
In “The Laws of Human Nature,” author Robert Greene provides a codebook for deciphering people’s behavior. In particular, I found his chapter on defensiveness interesting because of insights it can offer ...

If I could turn back time: 6 lessons I wish I knew earlier

15 Oct, 2021
Reflecting back on her career, Colleen Killen-Roberts shares six lessons that have helped hone her leadership skills...

Dynamic directors: How to get the most from your board members

14 Sep, 2021
When it comes to building rapport with board members, you have more influence than you may realize. Here are some best practices I feel strongly about...

Slower is faster: Revisiting “The Fifth Discipline”

4 Aug, 2021
A question I frequently hear from business owners is “Why isn’t my company growing as fast as I want it to?” Yet perhaps a better starting point for this discussion is ...

Diverse, inclusive leadership: Michigan 40ish Under 40ish

30 Jun, 2021
The Michigan 40ish Under 40ish recently held its first professional development session, which focused on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)...

Ed Lowe’s progressive trinity: Instigate, develop and implement

11 May, 2021
Recently I’ve been watching several videos that Ed and Darlene Lowe recorded in the early 1990s to both refine and document their vision for the Edward Lowe Foundation...

Metacognition: Think about your thinking

5 May, 2021
The more leaders can increase their metacognitive skills, the better decisions they can make for themselves and their companies...

Back to the future: Reaffirming our mission

26 Apr, 2021
Reexamining our mission has become a front-burner issue for me since I became chairman of our board of trustees a few months ago...