Geaux Above: Adding structure to scale smoothly

3 Apr, 2023
“The SIG engagement was priceless and worth every second of my time — in fact, it’s saving me time and money,” says Shanna Felker, CEO of Geaux Above in Madisonville, Louisiana. ...

CyberReef: In search of MVNOs

27 Mar, 2023
CyberReef’s recent SIG engagement focused on finding prospective customers for its new TrafficIQ technology.

Climbing the BRV mountain

26 Jan, 2023
A few months ago, our team had what I will call a breakthrough. After years of creating new programs and integrating them together, we found a new way to tell our ...

Positive intelligence: A different way to think about your thinking

16 Jan, 2023
Granted, the negative chatter in our brain will never go away completely. But we can control our responses to negative thoughts...

Legacy: The final frontier for entrepreneurs

18 Oct, 2022
Leaving a legacy was a big deal for our founder Ed Lowe. In fact, he wrote that “I’d rather be remembered when I’m gone than known while I’m here.”

Financial wellness: making peace with money

23 Aug, 2022
Over the past 25 years, I’ve worked in small business as a controller, COO and CFO. During that time, I’ve learned how attitudes about money not only affect our sense of ...

Utiliserve and Fireserve: strategic expansion

8 Aug, 2022
CEO Zach Raley chalks up much of his companies' recent growth to working with the Edward Lowe Foundation and Louisiana Economic Development...

Changing mental models about employment

3 Aug, 2022
To attract and retain talent, we need to change our mental models about employment, which is especially true for businesses that rely on knowledge workers...

Orion Hunting Products: Alleviating shipping headaches

26 Jul, 2022
From CEO roundtables to the System for Integrated Growth, Beau Anderson of Orion Hunting Products has leveraged several of the foundation’s programs, hosted in Michigan in partnership with the MEDC, to ...

Leadership doesn’t happen by accident

18 Jul, 2022
Today marked graduation day for five of our employees who participated in a new internal leadership program launched last year...