No bad bosses: the art of managing your manager

28 Sep, 2017
Many people deal with managers who are unsympathetic, micromanaging and worse. Yet when it comes to influencing relationships with bosses, I believe employees have more control than they might think...

Why playing it safe can be risky business

11 Sep, 2017
We prune plants and trees because it encourages new growth. Similarly, your business is an organic system where all participants need a little pressure — even your top performers.

Why can’t we all just NOT get along?

29 Aug, 2017
From my experience, one of the most challenging parts of building an entrepreneurial community is dealing with people who dislike change, block progress, and fear anything new...

Get a mentor, be a mentor

21 Aug, 2017
Internships are important, because they provide real-world experience, but having a mentor is like getting experience on steroids...

Once upon a time: How compelling stories communicate success

3 Aug, 2017
Telling compelling stories is an art anyone can learn. And it's the single most powerful way to communicate success and rally the troops...

Supporting snakes: Why we should warm up to these cold-blooded critters

25 Jul, 2017
Rather than be feared, snakes should be revered, for they’re an important part of biodiversity — a message that hit home with me earlier this year...

L’Anse Manufacturing

26 Jun, 2017
As a result of Economic Gardening, Massicotte believes he can quadruple annual revenue by 2020, and expects to create five new jobs each year. “

The perils of counting: Is the pressure to measure hurting our ecosystems?

23 Jun, 2017
If we always feel so pressured to measure, I fear there’s a risk we will focus primarily on the aspects of our ecosystem that can be easily counted...

Dave’s Sweet Tooth

22 Jun, 2017
Economic Gardening researchers used GIS, market research and SEO tools to help Dave’s Sweet Tooth identify new customers and distribution channels.

The importance of community celebrations

31 May, 2017
There are times when communities need just the good parts — those times when we celebrate the joy of what we are and the hope of what we will become...