Let’s Make a Deal: America’s Top VC Firms Reveal Why They Invest in High-Tech Startups

27 Jul, 2015
This discussion of venture capital investment decision factors is based on conversations with authorities: Jon Bayless, managing general partner at Sevin Rosen Funds; Dana Callow, general partner at Boston Millennia Partners; ...

An Ear to the Ground

24 Jul, 2015
“An Ear to the Ground” It’s easy to become consumed by internal operations, but staying in touch with customers and distributors is key for innovation. A two-part story on innovation, entrepreneurs ...

‘Click’ Grows ‘Brick’ Space by 58%

24 Jul, 2015
Michael Powell is just the sort of guy you’d expect to see prowling through some dusty corner bookstore on the hunt for a book.

Lillian Vernon’s Million-Dollar Mistake

24 Jul, 2015
“Lillian Vernon’s Million-Dollar Mistake” A fantastic failure taught this consummate catalog entrepreneur as much, if not more than, her many successes. Lillian Vernon is the stuff of entrepreneurial legend: The mail-order ...

Nifty Products Aren’t Enough

23 Jul, 2015
“Nifty Products Aren’t Enough” ‘Value added’ may be an overused buzzword — but it’s an important one if you want to be a market leader. It’s not enough to have a ...

Armstrong’s Secret Weapon: Creativity

23 Jul, 2015
“Armstrong’s Secret Weapon: Creativity” When advised to “loosen up,” a sales manager at Armstrong International dreamed up an imaginative Christmas card: He was photographed in a Santa Claus suit sitting on ...

Staying Power: How to Ensure Your Company’s Longevity

23 Jul, 2015
“Staying Power: How to Ensure Your Company’s Longevity” Reporting from a nation-wide survey of 100 successful small business owners, Entrepreneurial Edge editors point out some of the factors that helped keep ...

Creativity depends on attention to purpose as much as the results. The ‘why’ always comes before the ‘how.’

23 Jul, 2015
Our panel of entrepreneurs responds …Creativity with purpose Vision can be defined as creativity with purpose. Knowing why your offering has value allows you to figure out how to best accomplish ...

Entrepreneur’s Adviser — Know Thyself

23 Jul, 2015
“Entrepreneur’s Adviser — Know Thyself” Question: “How do I define my core competencies?”Answer: Market timing and competition have left no time for company wanderings into areas of marginal competency or fuzzy ...

They Won’t Throw Tomatoes… But It’ll Probably Hurt Just as Much

23 Jul, 2015
“They Won’t Throw Tomatoes… But It’ll Probably Hurt Just as Much” There are some basic variables in successful public speaking. This article recounts them and offers advice on mastering these variables ...