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Business Predictions for the New Millennium

“Business Predictions for the New Millennium”

As we approach the Year 2000, entrepreneurs are speaking out with regard to their concerns and the direction they see their businesses heading.

Scuba School and Dive Center: "The retail end of our industry has been going through some really tough times. The Internet and discount centers have hurt the retail trade. We are doing more advanced and technical trips and instruction. We feel this market is growing and we are able to fit the need. The strictly retail stores will continue to close."

Microbrewery: "We sell all we make and even run out at times in the summer. We are in kind of a bind. To expand and grow, we would need to get more space and buy more equipment. It’s really hard for us to determine if it’s worth it or not … the numbers really don’t come out all that well. We will most likely just go another year or two and do what we’re doing."

Veterinary Hospital: "Animals are living longer, so we’re seeing more pet geriatrics, like arthritis treatment. Owners don’t want to see their pets suffer, so we are doing more pain control. We are also seeing more people bonding very strongly with their pets … you can make your own conclusions about that. Some pets become family."

Writer: Jack D. Deal is the owner of the Deal Consulting Group, based in Santa Cruz, Calif.