24 Mar, 2017
Ed Lowe is discharged from the Navy and returns to his home in southwest Michigan.ns.


24 Mar, 2017
Ed Lowe joins his father’s business in Marcellus, Mich., selling ice and coal to nearby residents and industrial absorbents to commercial customers, including the Whirlpool, Bendix and Studebaker corporations.


23 Mar, 2017
After giving his neighbor some fuller’s earth to use in her cat box, Ed sees a brand new application for the fuller’s earth that he had been selling to : as ...


22 Mar, 2017
During its first year on the market, Kitty Litter participates in 30 cat shows across the country. At these shows, Ed Lowe provides free Kitty Litter in exchange for sales booths.


21 Mar, 2017
Kitty Litter can be purchased in Saks Fifth Avenue in New York, J.L. Hudson Co. in Detroit, and Marshall Fields of Chicago.