27 Mar, 2017
Life magazine mentions Kitty Litter in an article about the largest cat show in the country held in Los Angeles during National Cat Week.


26 Mar, 2017
Ed forms a new company, Happy Day Products Inc., to overcome pricing problems and profit demands between the pet store market and the grocery industry. A few months later, Happy Day ...


25 Mar, 2017
Kitty Litter ads appear in numerous magazines, including Better Homes and Gardens, Cats, American Family, Sunset, American Home, McCall’s, House Beautiful, Ebony, Modern Romances and Parents’.


24 Mar, 2017
Ed changes the name of his company from Lowe & Lowe to Lowe’s Inc. The new entity handles all pet items, including its flagship product, Kitty Litter. Offices are established in ...


23 Mar, 2017
Ed purchases a clay plant in Olmsted, Ill. for $39,000 (minus eight years of back taxes) from the American Charcoal Co. in Detroit and renames the new company “Star Enterprises.”


22 Mar, 2017
Lowe’s Inc. investigates the use of additives such as sassafras bark and oil, to control odor in Kitty Litter.