Let’s Make a Deal: America’s Top VC Firms Reveal Why They Invest in High-Tech Startups

27 Jul, 2015
This discussion of venture capital investment decision factors is based on conversations with authorities: Jon Bayless, managing general partner at Sevin Rosen Funds; Dana Callow, general partner at Boston Millennia Partners; ...

Academia May Be Answer to Cash Woes

21 Jul, 2015
Brothers Scott and Doug Dunlop were committed to doing their part to save the environment by developing a non-petroleum-based fuel that would release up to 40% less hydrocarbon emissions than traditional ...

How to Create an Exit Strategy

17 Jun, 2015
Entrepreneurs rightly think of themselves as irreplaceable, but the inevitable day will arrive to pass the proverbial baton. Make sure you have this exit plan set well in advance, so you ...

Entrepreneur’s Adviser — Raising Capital: A Never-Ending Challenge

17 Jun, 2015
Digital Library > Acquiring and Managing Finances > Financing “Entrepreneur’s Adviser — Raising Capital: A Never-Ending Challenge” Question: "How do you increase the time devoted to product and decrease the time ...

Raising Your First Outside Capital ($500K-$1M)

17 Jun, 2015
Outside financing can help your company grow, but you may have to give up some control. How do you match the right investors to your needs? This Quick-Read shows you how ...

Selecting Your Banker

17 Jun, 2015
Choosing the right bank and account manager makes it more likely that your company will get financing when it is needed for success and growth. Here are some selection ...

What to Do With Your Excess Cash

20 Aug, 2011
Having too much cash on hand hardly seems like a problem. But unless you know how to evaluate the portfolio of possible projects, you may choose poorly.

When Your Best Client Goes Belly Up

20 Aug, 2011
Surprised by a cash crunch, CEO calls on suppliers for help, tightens credit, spreads risk — and doubles sales.

The Key Indicators of Financial Health

20 Aug, 2011
Ask the right questions, closely examine the answers.

Preparedness Pays: It's Never Too Soon to Plan an Exit Strategy

20 Aug, 2011
Investigating options early prevents mistakes, later heartbreak.