Selling Your Company? Get to Know the Players

8 Apr, 2003
Typecasting heroes and villains in this life-changing drama is easy — but it's not very smart.

A Marriage of Two Companies

3 Feb, 2003
To form a successful union, you must integrate an acquired company.

CEO Confidential: Shotgun Weddings: Partnering on Government Contracts

3 Feb, 2003
Do you have a personal or professional issue you'd like to get off your chest? Here CEOs can unburden themselves while helping others facing similar issues.

Weighing the Risks of Next-level Growth

10 Dec, 2002
How to conduct risk analysis when your company is under fire.

Acquisition Acumen

27 Sep, 2002
Great deals don't happen by accident; planning and communication will turn the odds in your favor.

Balancing Act

27 Sep, 2002
Aligning personal and corporate goals fuels growth, leadership and creativity.

The Outside Insight You Need

27 Sep, 2002
Multiple mentors make growth easier; how to recruit advisers and get more from them.

Building an Enduring Business

12 Jun, 2002
To lay a foundation for an enduring organization, your competitive advantage needs to be sustainable. Otherwise, you can only take your company so far.

Cross-Promotions: The Free Form of Advertising

30 May, 2002
Cross-promotions combine an effective message with free distribution. In a sense, it is a new advertising medium with no monthly bills.

Growing by Design

30 May, 2002
Growth opportunities come in a variety of forms. A great deal of valuable time and energy can be wasted if you do not pause long enough to evaluate the growth options ...