How to Fire Employees

17 Jun, 2015
Firing employees is never easy, but this Quick-Read will help you set up systems to make the termination process smoother for both you and the employee.

How to Do Performance Appraisals

17 Jun, 2015
A well-conducted performance review should both recap the employee's past work and set goals for the future. Make the dreaded appraisal go much smoother by using some of the tips offered ...

Hiring the Disabled Is Shrewd Business

17 Jun, 2015
Digital Library > Human Resources Management > Recruiting “Hiring the Disabled Is Shrewd Business” Sandra Brock, owner of First Class Packaging Inc. in El Cajon, Calif., knows firsthand the challenges that ...

Using Personality Tests as a Hiring Tool

17 Jun, 2015
Screen job applicants without going overboard.

Offering Training and Continuing Education Opportunities

17 Jun, 2015
Tight labor markets require creative ways to keep your staff loyal to your company. Continuing education can improve your competitiveness by providing a great perk and keeping your staff on the ...

When to Hire a Human Resources Manager

17 Jun, 2015
Whether you're just starting your business or you're hiring your hundredth employee, having a human resources manager can be a vital step to success. Know what to look for when hiring ...

How to Improve Your Approach to Collective Bargaining

17 Jun, 2015
If you're not expecting a win-win atmosphere at your next contract negotiation session, you might investigate interest-based bargaining. It requires reshaping attitudes at all levels and building trust. The goal of ...

CEO Journal: Coming to Grips With Risk and Reward

17 Jun, 2015
To build your company, you often have to grow personally. This department tracked three entrepreneurs' journal entries through the first half of 2003. To display the other stories, enter "ceo ...

Beyond Paychecks: Creative Ways to Reward and Retain Employees

30 Nov, 2014
How do you reward your employees with something other than a larger paycheck? Find a compensation solution that fits your company.

Optimizing Your Hiring Process

2 Nov, 2011
Hiring great people is a must for every company hoping to grow. Create a hiring system to streamline and standardize your search for talent.