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Building an Enduring Business

12 Jun, 2002
To lay a foundation for an enduring organization, your competitive advantage needs to be sustainable. Otherwise, you can only take your company so far.

Seeking Investors — What Venture Capitalists Want

11 Jun, 2002
More and more VCs are investing in emerging-growth businesses. Find out how to get some of that cash.

Increase Your Market Share With Promotional Products

30 May, 2002
As small business owners, we are always looking for creative ways to grow our companies. Primarily, ones which our pocketbooks can afford. How much do you presently spend on conventional advertising? ...

The Sales Autopsy: How to Build Future Sales on Current Successes

30 May, 2002
A sales analysis helps the entrepreneur build future sales on current successes.

Getting Control of Your Cash

30 May, 2002
Most brokerage firms offer central asset accounts (also called asset management accounts) — combining checking, investing, and borrowing in a single account. The advantages of such accounts are described in relation ...

Cross-Promotions: The Free Form of Advertising

30 May, 2002
Cross-promotions combine an effective message with free distribution. In a sense, it is a new advertising medium with no monthly bills.

A Buyer’s Market for Rental Space

30 May, 2002
In a retail or service business, your rent is one of your major expenses. Better control of this expense can lead to more cash on hand for profits or investment back ...

Growing by Design

30 May, 2002
Growth opportunities come in a variety of forms. A great deal of valuable time and energy can be wasted if you do not pause long enough to evaluate the growth options ...

Increase Your Advertising Response by 10 Times!

30 May, 2002
Oftentimes copy in advertising does not attract attention or motivate the reader to action. This article offers some proven advice to increase your response rates for print advertising mediums. Includes strategies ...

Born or Bred? What It Takes to Be an Entrepreneur

30 May, 2002
Does the growing interest in entrepreneurship translate into business success? Research suggests that there is an entrepreneurial personality that is either written in the genes or imprinted in early youth. Here, ...