Lattes and manufacturing: Understanding local and external market companies

9 Feb, 2017
I have a new favorite place in Grand Rapids — Early Bird Café. They are part of the Grand Rapids local movement and I love supporting local. Down the road about ...

Happiness inside the box: The role quiet time plays in your success

26 Jan, 2017
On most days, Munson spends a great deal of time looking out the window. He pays attention to squirrels and chipmunks, and one day I swear he stared at a leaf ...

Push the easy button: Measuring your ecosystem may be simpler than you think

12 Jan, 2017

The entrepreneur whisperer: Tips on engaging growth-company CEOs

9 Sep, 2016
Successful growth companies often think they don’t need help. And that can make it tough when Entrepreneur Support Organizations try to engage them in new programs. In the past, I ...

Mom always liked you best: Why second-stage entrepreneurs need your love

9 Sep, 2016
“You like Trevor better than me!” lamented my neighbor’s daughter as she compared her mother’s love for her and her brother. I can tell you for a fact this is not ...

One size does not fit all: The difference between serving startups and scaleups

9 Sep, 2016
It’s amazing where we learn lessons – my latest was in a Traverse City, Michigan, boutique where I learned the meaning of OS – one size fits all. I looked at ...