Systems integrator on fire: Beacon Communications

9 Jun, 2014
A provider of communications and security systems to schools, government entities and healthcare facilities, Beacon Communications has grown steadily since its launch in 1998.

You are what you speak: Mango Languages

29 Apr, 2014
CEO and “linguapreneur” of Mango Languages, Teshuba launched the Farmington Hills, Mich.-based company in 2007 to create innovative language-learning products. Today the company generates more than $8 million in annual revenue ...

Committed culture: Moore Communications Group

29 Apr, 2014
In 1992 Karen Moore left a successful communications career in academia to scratch her entrepreneurial itch and open her own firm. Fast forward to today: Tallahassee-based Moore Communications Group is one ...

Eliminating home-office tech headaches: My Computer Works

14 Mar, 2014
A pioneer of remote computer-repair service, Luke Ford founded My Computer Works (MCW) in 2005, and by 2014 the Scottsdale, Ariz.-based company was generating $4 million in annual revenue with 70 ...

Metrics matter: Wellco Corp.

13 Mar, 2014
A rising star in the crowded health care consulting galaxy, Wellco is making a name for itself by leveraging data to fix companies’ wellness programs and reduce overall health care costs.

High-touch high tech: MSS Technologies

13 Mar, 2014
As a management consultant for a Big 8 firm, Mike Hawksworth was a seasoned road warrior. Then in 1986, tired of living out of a suitcase and wanting to spend more ...

We’ve got your back: Team Quality Services

21 Jan, 2014
With only 10 employees at its headquarters office in Auburn, Ind., Team Quality Services (TQS) appears deceptively small. “In fact, the local community sometimes sees us as a mom-and-pop operation, but ...

Souping up franchising: Zoup!

21 Jan, 2014
Believing soup to be neglected by most restaurants, Eric Ersher decided to create a food service concept where it was no longer a bit player, but the star.

Local produce, global impact: Grower’s Organic

21 Jan, 2014
If organic food conjures up images of laidback hippies, Brian Freeman quickly blasts such stereotypes. Clean-shaven, energetic and intense, the Denver-based entrepreneur hits his office at 3 a.m. each morning to ...

Keeping it clean: LT Environmental Inc.

21 Jan, 2014
Every day we clean up a little more of the U.S.,” says Tom Murphy, founder of LT Environmental Inc. (LTE).