The PeerSpectives Roundtable System (PRS) is licensed to nonprofit membership and economic development groups, educational institutions and for-profit consultants looking for a new resource to offer their members, alumni, clients and customers. Research shows that PRS has greater potential for success if you already have existing relationships with your local business owners.

Renewable each year, the license is non-exclusive, meaning different organizations may run concurrent tables throughout a single region or state.

One-year PeerSpectives License Fees

Nonprofit organizations: $700

For-profit organizations: $1,000

(All licenses are renewable on a one-year basis at the above costs.)

What you’ll get:

  • A three-day, two-night professional facilitator training course at Big Rock Valley.
  • A step-by-step guide to lead you through the process.
  • Marketing materials.
  • A companion DVD to see the PRS protocol in action.

The licensing process is easy! Just contact Rita Phillips to get started!

In the meantime, start talking to your stakeholders about this exciting new opportunity to build stronger relationships with the businesses that are already in your backyard. When they grow, your whole community reaps the benefits!