We know there are options when it comes to CEO roundtables, but we are confident that when it comes to providing value for time, leaders of second-stage businesses will fully embrace the PeerSpectives Roundtable System (PRS).

Anyone leading a business knows that each day presents unique challenges–particularly to the stage of growth the company is in. As business owners participate in PeerSpectives roundtables, they will find tremendous value in learning from the experiences of their peers. When they walk away from a session, they do so with a sense of clarity and ownership, knowing they made the best decision on how to deal with their issues.

We know the system works because we’ve seen the results first-hand in tables running across the country. Its power to initiate discussions and end with solid solutions continues to amaze us as we watch one person after another find “aha” moments using this process.

PeerSpectives roundtables are currently running across the United States. Find one near you.