Contact the following host organizations to learn about PeerSpectives tables in your area.
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Virtual Roundtables

Every leader of a second-stage company can benefit from attending a CEO roundtable. Check the list at left to find one near you. But if options aren’t nearby, consider joining a Virtual PeerSpectives roundtable.

This service incorporates all the elements of PeerSpectives – trained facilitators, participants from noncompeting industries, confidentiality, and emphasis on sharing experiences rather than giving advice. The only difference is that you’re meeting via video conferencing rather than face-to-face.

The virtual roundtable meets monthly for six months. Contact us to learn when the next one is available and the price for participants.

Our partners offer in-person roundtables (see left). Don’t hesitate contacting them. To learn how PeerSpectives has improved the decision-making prowess of second-stagers, see below.

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