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Dan Ducote

CEO of Enginuity Global

Lafayette, Louisiana

Dan Ducote has built a career in the industrial market. Since 1985 he has conducted product and technology sales to plants across the United States, traveling extensively.

A few years ago, Dan started thinking about what the rest of his career could look like: What could he do that would feel more meaningful, while still being fun? He had met a couple of new acquaintances that first evolved into friendships, then into an entrepreneurial venture. He founded Enginuity Global with the plan to develop a strong company that would allow him to tie in his industry relationships, and work with friends and family.

Now Dan has begun to explore the next steps. The company is as strong as he dreamed, and it’s time to start handing it over to the next generation. Through Enginuity Global, he has made new relationships that have helped him find success, which he wants to share with others. He’s exploring new adventures that allow him to combine his passions — mentoring green entrepreneurs and a love for the outdoors. As the CEO of Enginuity Global, Dan leads business development efforts with clients’ C-suite contacts to develop solutions that simplify their complex world.