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Easy Export Assistance

“Easy Export Assistance”

One way to grow your business is to expand globally. Visit Exporthotline.com, a Web site tailored to small- and medium-sized firms. Its database includes more than 5,000 market-research reports, a directory of business-to-business contacts and industry reports in more than 80 countries, detailing import and export conditions on specific products. You can also tap its resource library of government programs, business travel tips, glossary of terms, trade shows and trade documentation.

Browsing is free, downloading reports costs a minimum of $35 for 10 reports and then $25 for each additional set of 10.

Writer: Kimberly Stanséll is a Los Angeles-based businesswoman and author of "Bootstrapper’s Success Secrets: 151 Tactics for Building Your Business on a Shoestring Budget," Career Press.