Introductory Course

Whether it’s understanding the philosophy, principles and tools or how to start a program in your area, there’s a lot to learn about Economic Gardening. That’s why we developed a virtual course that hits the high points. It’s a great place to learn more and it’s required for organizations contracting with the National Center. Get started with our Introductory Course.

Launching a Pilot Program

The best way to decide if Economic Gardening is right for you is to launch a Pilot Program. With a requirement of only five second-stage companies, Pilot Programs minimize risk and give you direct insight into the process and results.

Certification and Training

The majority of Economic Gardening programs utilize the National Strategic Research Team (NSRT) for their company engagements. If you have an interest in joining the NSRT or just want to take a deeper dive into the philosophy and tools of Economic Gardening, you’ll want to know more about Certification and Training.

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