A Beginner’s Guide to Economic Gardening. This is the formal program developed in Littleton, CO

This “Beginner’s Guide” is a free online course for program administrators (PAs) or others who are thinking about contracting an Economic Gardening® network in their state or region. It introduces new or potential administrators to the basics of Economic Gardening, along with their role and responsibilities.

The course looks at Economic Gardening’s launch and subsequent evolution, how networks operate, and what kind of outcomes to expect. You’ll learn:

  • Why the program targets Stage 2 companies
  • How Economic Gardening differs from other business assistance
  • Deliverables from the National Strategic Research Team
  • Costs and details of licensing with the NCEG for a pilot program
  • Roles and responsibilities of PAs
  • How to find and work with partners
  • Ideas for funding sources
  • How to find, qualify and enroll eligible companies and manage their expectations
  • Assisting companies beyond their initial engagement

To recap, this free course is a deeper dive for individuals who are thinking about starting an Economic Gardening network. It is not intended for professionals involved in the daily operations of a program; they require training and certification outlined here.

Our next “Beginner’s Guide” webinar is scheduled for: October 10, 2018, from 2-3:30 p.m. Eastern time

The webinar covers launching and operating an Economic Gardening program. Content is provided by: Chris Gibbons, founder of Economic Gardening; and Paul Bateson, Manager of External Relations at the Edward Lowe Foundation. These webinars will run from 2-3:30 p.m. EDT. Contact  Rita Phillips to register.

Pilot programs

The best way to decide if Economic Gardening is right for your city, region or state is to launch a pilot program.

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Certification and training

The majority of Economic Gardening programs use our National Strategic Research Team (NSRT) for company engagements. If you’re interested in joining the NSRT or just want to take a deeper dive into Economic Gardening, learn more about our certification and training.

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Companion documents

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Economic Gardening Overview

EG Outcomes

CEOs: Getting Started

CEOs: Understanding EG

ESOs: Understanding EG


Case studies

What people are saying ...

“I was impressed how quickly the team leader was able to grasp what we did and what our challenges might be. Economic Gardening is a fantastic vehicle for helping companies who are in growth mode. It’s one of the best models I’ve seen to stimulate job creation.”

— Ryan Blundell, founder of Master Technology Group in Minneapolis