A spotlight on success

This year Louisiana launched the LED Growth Network, comprised of second-stage entrepreneurs who are graduates of its Economic Gardening program and CEO roundtables. On March 22, a reception was held at Louisiana’s Old Governor’s Mansion to recognize these business leaders, and foundation president Dan Wyant was keynote speaker. As a prelude, the foundation held a special retreat at Big Rock Valley for network members, and another retreat is scheduled for October 9-11. Below are photos from the retreat and the reception.

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Retreats at BRV

CEO Roundtables

Economic Gardening


CEO feedback

“The Edward Lowe Foundation runs a first-class executive retreat for second-stage companies trying to evolve from being an entrepreneur to taking your company to the next level of growth and resiliency. The three days we spent with other like-minded and talented CEOs from Louisiana really helped in not just bonding and building relationships but gave us an opportunity to learn from each other.”

— Alex Hernandez of Hernandez Consulting


“I was skeptical about committing time at first for the retreat, but I am extremely happy that I took the leap of faith!  I had a wonderful experience meeting other CEOs, sharing our challenges and experiences, and learning different ways to look at tackling projects. The staff and the facility at the Edward Lowe Foundation were excellent.  If I hadn’t flown into South Bend, I would have thought they were from the south!”

— Linda Biernacki of Fire Tech Systems


“I was thankful for the opportunity to participate in the ‘Resilient Organization’ retreat. The networking opportunities and discussions during the event have provided valuable insight into allowing our business to continue to be resilient and grow in our marketplace.”

—   Jill Foxworth of Dependable Glass Works