Companies to Watch (CTW) is among the foundation’s key programs for entrepreneur support organizations (ESOs) and their communities. At the heart of CTW is an awards program to honor second-stage companies for the critical role they play in our economy and communities. Companies to Watch’s collaborative model is also a powerful vehicle to energize the entrepreneurial community in your state.

Companies to Watch is designed to rally around second-stage establishments, their communities and the organizations that support them. In a nutshell, the program starts with a forward-thinking ESO:

  • Each state program is hosted by a local entrepreneur support organization.
  • Involvement is sought from every player in the business community to serve as champions, nominators and underwriters.
  • The Edward Lowe Foundation oversees the application and selection process, working with the local host throughout the CTW experience.
  • A big bash is held to celebrate the winners and their supporters.

Year-long programs are available to bring continuous value to the winners and their communities, such as PeerSpectives Roundtables and Economic Gardening growth strategies.

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