Putting Companies to Watch to work in your community begins with an inquiry to the Edward Lowe Foundation. Contact Joy Kitamori on our contact page to learn what it takes to host Companies to Watch.

In the meantime, ask if the following is true for your organization and your state:

  1. Is a supportive entrepreneurial community in place to help second-stage companies grow and thrive? Companies to Watch can be a catalyst for putting that entrepreneurial community to work. Every player in the business community can play a role.
  2. Does your organization have a strong foothold in the state to serve as a convener? And if you don’t already, how hungry are you to play that role?
    • Every entrepreneur support organization at the local, statewide and national level
    • Government agencies, their administrators and policymakers
    • Institutions of higher learning, especially those with entrepreneurship centers, technology transfer programs and strong alumni ties
    • Commercial service providers such as attorneys, accountants and bankers
    • Investors, including private equity, venture capital and angels
    • Vendors, suppliers and customers of second-stage businesses
    • The media, including print, TV, radio, and online
    • Employees of second-stage businesses
  3. In short, we want to learn how the Edward Lowe Foundation can help you achieve your goals.

Contact Joy Kitamori for more information.