Because we’re structured as an operating foundation (as opposed to a grant-giving foundation), groups that attend leader retreats at Big Rock Valley (BRV) must be aligned with our mission and guidelines. Individual entrepreneurs or business owners can attend a retreat when they are affiliated with an entrepreneur support organization (ESO). ESOs can include chambers of commerce and other membership organizations, universities, small business development centers, technology councils and economic-development agencies. The common denominator: They are groups or individuals working to accelerate the success of second-stage entrepreneurs.


Retreats usually span three days and two nights. Costs vary, but average about $700 per person for nonprofit groups and $1,500 per person for for-profit groups. These fees cover lodging, facilitation and meals.

Once you’ve signed up for a retreat, our team will help you select the curriculum that best fits your group’s desired outcomes. (We encourage you to plan ahead. Although we offer retreats throughout the calendar year, our schedule typically sells out six months or more in advance.)


For more information or to sign up your group for a retreat, contact Rita Phillips.