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Extreme Measures — Dying for an Opportunity

“Extreme Measures — Dying for an Opportunity”

When does a public nuisance become a money-making opportunity? During "Frozen Dead Guy Days" in Nederland, Colo.

Upon his death in Norway in 1989, Bredo Morstoel had his cryogenically frozen body shipped to his grandson in Nederland. It’s been chilling in an ice-covered box in a shed ever since.

Unhappy with the development, the town made it illegal to keep corpses on private property, but Grandpa Morstoel was "grandfathered" in. Since the town couldn’t get rid of him, they decided to celebrate him instead, organizing a tourism-boosting weekend. Festivities included coffin races, a parade — and visits to the shed for a cool $25 a pop.

Source: www.sfgate.com