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The Facilitator’s Role

The facilitator is key to the success and operation of a PeerSpectives roundtable — their performance can often make or break the table. It is their role to see that the table adheres to protocol and stays on track, while ensuring discussions flow easily, attendance requirements are being met and members are getting the maximum value for their participation. Facilitators are not active participants in the table. They do not bring their own issues to the group, nor do they participate in the clarifying questions or experience exchange.

Selecting a Facilitator

Facilitators come from all walks of life. Excellent facilitators have come the ranks of seasoned entrepreneurs, service providers and consultants. The key factor is respect. The facilitator should be someone the participants respect as knowledgeable about business or, if the table is for nonprofits, knowledgeable about that sector. They must be committed to the group and be willing to devote a few additional hours outside the regular sessions for organizational purposes.

Facilitator Conduct

We have seen strong repercussions when a facilitator attempts to use his/her position to sell their services to table participants. This can kill a table. Consequently, the facilitator must understand that while running a table can be positive visibility, it is not a platform to pitch their services.

Paying Facilitators

Facilitator compensation is at your discretion. However, our experience tells us it is important to pay your facilitators a fair market rate. This commits them to the table and prescribes to the old adage of “you get what you pay for.” But, if you feel a volunteer will be 100% committed to this effort, that individual may very well be the right person for your table.

Facilitator Training

All facilitators must be trained in the PeerSpectives protocol by the Edward Lowe Foundation. The three-day, two-night training session is held at the foundation’s retreat facility in Cassopolis, Michigan. See below for scheduled dates. Your organization or facilitator is responsible for all travel costs to and from the foundation, but meals and lodging will be provided at no charge.

Training Costs

Your initial license covers the training costs for one facilitator. The cost for training additional facilitators or individuals previously trained under an earlier license is $200 per person.

Scheduling Facilitator Training

Training sessions will be held during the following dates:

  • August 18-20, 2015
  • November 10-12, 2015

To register your facilitator for one of these training sessions, please contact Rita Phillips. A signed and paid license is required prior to training.