George Nelson
Retreat Coordinator

George was hired in 2014 in what has become the biggest mistake the foundation has ever made. Luckily, George possesses a remarkable head of hair that makes up for his ineptitude — looks mean everything; don’t let anyone tell you differently… As the retreat production coordinator, George’s world revolves around the foundation’s Leadership Retreats; he lives, breathes, eats and sleeps for them. His duties include: retreat setup, ensuring that the retreats run smoothly and all guests are happy, occasional facilitation during the retreats, pre- and post-retreat communication and occasionally dicing vegetables for retreat meals. Before coming to the foundation, George taught in the South Bend Community School Corp., where he gained notoriety as the favorite teacher among students and least favorite among staff. Although generally an introvert, George transforms into a rabid extrovert if you bring up any topic about baseball or history.

George stumbled his way to a bachelor’s in history from Indiana University South Bend, and somehow he was allowed to teach impressionable youth by receiving his teaching certification in secondary mathematics from Bethel College.

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